Colin Heron - Managing Director / Head Coach

Chief instructor & founder of Team Kaobon, Colin Heron, began training in Thai Boxing in 1982 with the world renowned Master Sken. By the age of 15 Colin was assisting Master Sken in teaching the class, the following year Colin won his first title. In 1989 Master Sken asked Colin to take over as full time instructor of all his classes in Liverpool.

Colin left Master Sken in 1992 and formed Kaobon UK which now have schools in Liverpool, Chester and London. Due to Colin's renouned trainging methods Colin is the first instructor ever to produce a Muay Thai champion in every weight class.



Marcelo Brigadeiro - Luta Livre Coach

Marcelo Brigadeiro is a Luta Livre Black Belt under Marcio Cromado from RFT Team in Brazil. Many times champion of the best submission-wrestling tournaments, he is the only fighter who won three times the Brazilian National Championship of Submission and seven times the Rio de Janeiro State Championship of Submission (the hardest submission tournament in Brazil).

Brigadeiro also holds the title of International Submission Wrestling Champion among many other titles. Known by his amazing techniques on the ground, Brigadeiro began training Luta Livre in 1995, and teaches since 2000.

He has been teaching and fighting in countries such as Brazil, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Austria for the last 9 years. Nowadays he is the Luta Livre Coach of Team Kaobon (UK) and RFT (Brazil). 


Shane Rigby - Wrestling Coach

Shane has been wrestling for 25 years. His honours include:

Junior Bronze in British Judo Championships.
Gold medal in North West Judo Championships.
English and British Wrestling Champion.
2 Silver medals in the Commonwealth Games.
British Grand Prix silver medal.
Austrian Open silver medal
Member of Great Britain Olympic Wrestling Team.
Sports scholarship to America.

Shane has wrestled competetively in Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Canada and USA.


Andy Aspinall - Brazillian JIU JITSU

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt Japanese Jiu Jitsu
  • 9 yrs coaching experience
  • Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (4 years ago)
  • Wrestling/Judo/Boxing Experience
  • Taught Wrestling for Premiership RL team (07/08)       

Juddas Clottey - Boxing Coach

Juddas is completely devoted to boxing and has an absolute wealth of experience having trained many champions including Shea Neary and Andy Holligan. In addition he has fought and been employed as sparring partner to a variety of world champions.

He is the former All African Welterweight Champion. His professional record is a superb 45 wins from 59 fights.